When Will Israel Attack Iran?

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I learned to play chess as a teenager but I was never able to beat my uncles because they planned out their moves while my play was continually a reaction to their moves. Needless to say, I always lost. The government of Israel is like a master chess player and the Jewish leaders have been playing a game of world domination for more than 300 years. It took them more than 250 years before they were able to establish the State of Israel in 1948 and since that time they have been playing the game for keeps.

In this video I will share how Israel has been able to neutralize every Middle Eastern nation that opposed them. The Saudis and the small Emirates producing the bulk of oil in the Middle East are in the hands of the United States, who invaded Iraq with a coalition, destroyed its army and air force and nearly brought the country back to the Stone Age. Today Iraq is in the process of rebuilding the destruction. Colonel Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya was killed in 2011 and his armed forces were destroyed. Libya is no longer a threat to Israel. Egypt had its wing clipped and is still reeling from the revolution. Even now, Syria’s armed forces are being destroyed by Syrian rebels led by the CIA, British and American special forces. A few more weeks and Syria will no longer be a threat to Israel. Iran is the only nation left, which can be likened to the Queen on the chessboard, with its nuclear weapon program just about ready. Israel has cleaned the chessboard and is now focusing on the Queen.

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