Why You Must Become The Pack Leader

When you are being challenged, then you need to
act like the pack leader…

The post that I wrote about Becoming the Pack Leader
introduced the fact that many people who do not claim the 
Pack Leader position in their home early on, when they have 
a puppy, end up with issues when it comes to the obedience 
of your dog later on.

It is really hard when you see owners that have tried their 
very best and have done so well training their puppy from an 
early age. They’ve socialised them and done everything they 
were taught, but then their dog suddently stops coming when 
called. It starts barking at everything that moves, and 
suddenly becomes aggressive or starts to suffer from 
separation anxiety.

Troublesome Teenagers…

At eight weeks old your puppy may have been the best in the 
class at coming when you called them, but at eight months 
your dog could very well look at you and think “Whatever, 
I’m in charge”.  In a way it’s much like troublsome 
teenagers. The problems are very different from when they 
were toddlers but often the issues can have more serious 
consequences. The first year of a dog’s life is equivalent 
to 14 years in the human world, and it isn’t hard to imagine 
what a 14 year old, with no discipline their whole life, 
would act like if you suddenly tried to start telling them 
what to do.

Of course prevention is better than cure and if you ‘nip it 
in the bud’ as soon as you have that gut feeling your dog 
isn’t taking any notice of you, then you are at an advantage 
for sure. When you’re having trouble with your dog it really 
isn’t fun. And it’s rarely fun for the dog either. I see it 
everyday, the frustration, the confusion and not knowing 
where to turn. Yet when I visit people in their homes it 
often takes me less than a minute to see exactly what the 
problem is and how to fix it.

It’s Never Too Late

The great news is that there is always a way forward. When 
you know, it’s often so much easier than people imagine. 
With so many of these issues it all starts with the basic 
foundation that’s missing. They’re almost always pack related. 
By that I’m talking about the dogs instinctive need to work 
out where they come in the ‘pack’.

So basically if at any point you feel your dog is starting to 
challenge you, with excessive barking, stressing about being 
apart from you and more seriously, becoming aggressive to 
other dogs and people, I would say most of the time it will 
primarily start with you not establishing yourself as the Pack 

Of course if you have never been shown what to do then there 
is little chance that you will be doing it, so don’t beat 
yourself up. Start afresh today and see everything that has 
gone by as water under the bridge.

So when you finish reading this have a think, do you really 
know exactly how to show your dog that you are the Pack Leader?  
Or are you like many of the people I work with who comment 
after I’ve shown them… “why weren’t we taught all this at 
puppy school?”

Don’t take the chance, training your dog can be really tough 
without a real foundation in place. Become the Pack Leader 
first and make it easier on both you and your dog.

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