Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival Crowd-Funding Campaign 2015

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Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival is the only festival dedicated to durational performance. From July 8th to August 5th 2015, Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival will take over Seattle (USA). Yellow Fish aims to present durational performances lasting a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 48 hours. Artists from all over the world have been invited to perform at all moments of day and night. In its third year, the festival will have a monthlong run, made possible thanks to newly-created partnerships with Northwest Film Forum, Velocity Dance Center, Studio Current and New Tomorrow. Artifacts from all of the performances will accumulate at the Hedreen Gallery, where most of the festival’s events will take place.

As the festival has grown exponentially since the two years of its creation, the costs have also increased. This year we were unable to receive any of the funding we had received in the prior editions. Thus, we are inviting you, our community, to support this unique festival, that has already hosted and nurished so many artists and people (30+). While fostering the creation of new experimental art.

“Durational performance is a form through which TIME is manifested in its original (natural) purity and brought to the forefront as pivotal to the experience. The performance is designed so that time, as the primary theme of the piece, physically affects and mentally transforms the performer, the audience, and the space” – E. Pujol

Past artists : Alice Gosti, Eric Aguilar, Tyler P. Wardwell, Reilly Sinanan, Devin McDermott, Shannon Stewart, Spike Friedman, Vanessa DeWolf, Sean Tomerlin, Ryan Law, Takahiro Yamamoto(PDX), The House of ia, Bronwyn Lewis, Gender Tender, Neil Ferron, Carl Lawrence, Maryanna Lachman and Mara Poliak (SF), Jan Trumbauer, Ethan Folk, Babette Pendleton McGeady (The Pendleton House), Lucy Thane (UK), Kayleigh Nelson (PDX), Molly Sides, Jeff Huston, Mark Haim and Marina Sossi (UK).

How we will use our funds:

-Space rental/Hosting costs

-Artist Fees

-Photographic Documentation

-Printing of the festival catalog designed by the amazing The Generic Factory

-Printing of the calendar of the festival

Funding that is not allocated for the above expenses will go toward archiving the festival and our online presence. We have yearly fees for our website which serves as an online archive of the festival, and connects artists, and audiences with each other. If we reach our minimum fundraising goal, all of the above costs will be met.

If we exceed our funding goal, we will put those funds towards

-Professional website design by The Generic Factory

-Performance costs

-Artist travel costs

-Audio/Video Recordings

-Donor rewards

Thank you for making this possible. Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival is a unique event that can continue only with support from you. Your donation supports the growth and exploration of talented and innovative performers; and it inspires artists, and listeners to challenge the boundaries of time. Thank you!

Please make a tax-deductible donation today!

Keep your eyes on the perks as we will add more as the campaign continues.

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